Sergey Krivchenkov — I Live Where Mologa Begins

Sergey Krivchenkov — I Live Where Mologa Begins

Sergey Krivchenkov was born near the city of Bryansk. After graduating college, he moved to Klyuchevaya village, Maksatikha district, Tver region.

Mologa is a tributary of the Volga and has its source near Klyuchevaya. Name Klyuchevaya can be translated as “At the Springs”.

Forester by profession, Sergey is an enthusiastic singer-songwriter in Russian Bard style. His songs (tracks 1-13) cover topics of everyday life, homeland, history, love, folk philosophy, humour.

Track 14 is a song in Tver dialect of Karelian language. Written by a local Karelian author Alexandr Sedov, the song is performed by Sergey’s wife Elena.

Song names in Russian/Karelian:

  1. Молога
  2. Тверь
  3. Земля наша Россия
  4. За Родину, за Сталина!
  5. Кто я?
  6. Максатиха
  7. Жили — не тужили
  8. Брянск
  9. Подарил нам май любовь
  10. Я теперь солдат
  11. Мне часто снится дом родной
  12. Частушки 1
  13. Частушки 2
  14. Šie uijit

Recorded in Klyuchevaya, February 20, 2019 
Sergey Nikolaevitch Krivchenkov — guitar, vocal (1-13) 
Elena Alexandrovna Krivchenkova — vocal (14)

Credits to: Sergey and Elena, Andrey Makarentsev, Nina Chigrina, Lyubov Dokuchaeva